Winter 2016/17 Tournaments

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During February and March we held Winter tournaments for our mini-tennis players, aged 10 and under. We had a great turnout and the children had fun experiencing competitive tennis – some for the first time. Congratulations to everybody who joined in, and especially to the following finalists/winners.

  • Boys U8winner James Parnwell – runner-up Oliver Wickens – results

  • Girls U8winner Elizabeth Woolman – runner-up Carrie Sales – results

  • Boys U9winner Luca Symons-Chan – runner-up James Parnwell – results

  • Girls U9winner Felicity Brathier – runner-up Daisy Clifford – results

  • Boys U10winner Jake Griffiths – runner-up Thomas Lee – results

  • Girls U10winner Elisha Lee – runner-up Libby Williams – results

  • Boys (yellow ball)winner Sam Graesser – runner-up Oliver De Maio – results[/dt_list_item]

  • Girls (yellow ball)winner Bethany Dark – runner-up Josie Ager – results

Look out for information coming soon for the Summer 2017 tournaments, and keep an eye on the tournament notice boards just inside the clubhouse![/vc_column_text]

Summer 2016 Tournaments

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Summer 2016 Winner Runner-Up
Girls U8 results
Felicity Brathier Daisy Clifford
Boys U8 results
James Parnwell James Newman
Girls U9 results
Heidi Rooke Felicity Brathier
Boys U9 results
Jake Griffiths James Newman
Girls U10 results
Libby Williams Alex Gulliver
Boys U10 results
Jake Griffiths Matej Burgess
Girls U12 results
Bethany Dark Lotte Koudijs
Boys U12 results
Marko Blanusa
Andrei Juric
Girls U14 results
Hana Fry Bethany Dark
Boys U14 results
Joe Jeffery Jake Jones
Girls Squires results
Bethany Dark Lotte Koudijs
Boys Squires results
Sam Graesser Oliver De Maio
Girls Doubles results
Bethany Dark / Libby Williams Charlotte Baldwin / Maisie Williams
Boys Doubles results
Marko Blanusa / Bruce Rooke  Oliver De Maio / Ollie Binnie
Mixed Doubles results
 Robert Hook / Lotte Koudijs Marko Blanusa / Maisie Williams