Latika Tournaments


Every summer and winter we run Latika Club tournaments for boys and girls of all ages and encourage all members to enter. We run a mixture of singles,doubles and other round robin tournaments depending on the age group. Latika Finals Day is held in September when the summer finals matches are played; all the cups, trophies, medals and certificates are presented at our Presentation Evening in October.


Upcoming Tournaments:

Winter Rating Tournament 2021 More Details…

External Tournaments

age-groupsWe encourage children to take part in LTA tournaments. Mini tennis formats for children under 10 are designed to allow them to play on the smaller courts and with appropriate balls so they can learn competitive play from an early age.  Please make sure that your child is registered LTA member and associated with Latika JTC. If you need any help or clarification please contact us. Further information can be found on the LTA site.

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Berkshire Competitions 

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Berkshire LTA Summer League 2017 – Standings

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